Stories of HOPE


Mookie's belief in Christ has never waivered, even as she takes care of her six nieces and nephews. Facing homelessness, Aunt Mookie believes that the power of prayer helped her to qualify for a rental home in The Orchards at Severn. 

While the family has some furniture, the assorted tables, bed, and lamps from HOPE will help them "tremendously" and complete their home. Also requested were a children's Bible and Christian books for the family. A special prayer request was made for healing for 7-year old Angel who suffers from seizures. 

May God bless Aunt Mookie and her beautiful family!


Losing her two-year-old son to a tragic accident while with a caregiver, along with becoming disabled, left our client Ms. Jones in a downward spiral of depression and loss. With help from a housing program and the Mary Center, she has moved into a home and is rebuilding her life with her family and these beautiful girls.

The children were energetic and full of life when we visited the family. Your donations enabled us to fill their home with the furniture and necessities they needed, including tables and lamps as well as new beds for the children. Ms. Jones told us that she is thankful for all that God is doing in her life. Isn't it wonderful how God is working through you and our many other supporters to care for this precious family?


Shanna has had a very rough time recently. In December, she lost the love of her life and father of her three children, Michael, in a tragic accident. Shortly after, Shanna lost her job, and the school she was attending to become a medical assistant closed down. On top of all of this tragedy, she discovered she was pregnant with the couple's fourth child, but suffered a miscarriage.

With help from family, she is now in a home with her children, including sweet Sophia pictured above, and HOPE has been able to ease her burden with a sofa, tables, and lamps. HOPE has also provided a pizza pan and pizza cutter at Shanna's request, so that she can carry on a family tradition started by Michael of Friday night pizza nights. May God give strength to this family as they rebuild their lives.


Perry has had much to be grateful for in recent months. He no longer lives in the woods. He has been alcohol-free for a year. He survived being hit by a car last winter.

Now, with the help of the Dept. of Social Services, he moved indoors into a small apartment, and has been given an opportunity to reclaim a normal life again. Once HOPE For All delivers a bed, some used living room furniture, and assorted kitchen supplies, his house will feel more like a home. It is our hope that Perry will be able to continue his recovery with some semblance of daily comfort as he figures out what God has planned for him. We pray that his future is filled with good physical, mental, and spiritual health as he moves forward with his life.


It might be hard to imagine taking three grandchildren into your home, and being responsible for their total care and well-being. That's what happened to Pamela this fall when her daughter entered rehab, and all of the children's furnishings were lost due to an eviction.

We were able to take beds, blankets, sheets, comforters, as well as extra towels and clothing for the children before Thanksgiving. Most of these items were donated by our supporters and have found a grateful new home. 

While Pamela's focus is on her grandchildren, she has made a request for her daughter: that we offer prayers for her full recovery from pneumonia and addiction. We will definitely do that, Pamela.