Stories of HOPE

We met the lovely Hall family this summer as they relocated into a Severn townhome from Annapolis. Along with Mom and the four girls in this photo, Dad and their two sons make up the rest of the family.

The Halls are in that segment of working families who need some extra help to provide for their children. We delivered new beds and linens, as well as some furniture and household goods for their new home.  As we always do, we brought along stuffed animals and books for the children. You can see how excited they were to get a Children's Bible, and they even asked the Intake Team to read it to them!

We wish this family all that God has to offer as they continue on their path to self-sufficiency.


After 9 years of waiting on the Anne Arundel County housing list, Michelle Dashiells is grateful to finally have a home of her own. She and her two children--one in middle school and one in elementary--have been moving from place to place over the years, and they were living in a single room until recently. With her new home, her children were especially excited to have their own rooms!

Even though Michelle has several health issues, her townhouse was clean and spotless when we arrived. We were happy to provide a kitchen table and chairs, as well as linens for her household. The Abundant Life Church member likes to show her appreciation for what she has by donating to charity whenever she can. Way to pay it forward, Michelle!


After 10 years of homelessness and substance abuse, Eric F. has embraced a new support system to improve his life. Through Anne Arundel County Crisis Intervention and People Encouraging People, he took the first courageous steps towards recovery. Being placed with the Arundel House of Hope has become a big part of his new network. He spends much of his time there as they have become his family and friends.

His placement in his new home and the assistance from HOPE For All inspired him. "You guys are giving me strength today," he told us. May God continue to offer him strength as he moves forward with his life.

These little cuties got new beds! Mom Jacquanda, who works part-time, recently re-located to a larger housing unit, and needed new beds after a mice problem. When we visited with our Basket of HOPE and stuffed animals for the children this spring, there was also no place for the family to sit except for the floor. 

This family is typical of many whom we serve. Our supporters are making a monumental difference in the everyday lives of our clients, offering them the basic necessities that most of us take for granted. With children accounting for more than half of HOPE For All's efforts, we are driven to provide some sense of a normal home environment for those who struggle to make ends meet in our area.

Because of our generous donors--whether through furniture, household, and clothing donations, financial commitments, collection drives, and more--we supplied this family with a sofa as well as comforters and blankets, sheets and pillow cases, and of course new pillows. Each growing girl received a large bag with new socks and underwear, clothing, shoes and pajamas--and a new toy.

We are truly grateful that God works through so many people in our area to allow us to serve families like Jacquanda's. 


Through the mentor program at Drink at the Well in Curtis Bay, Debra is discovering her identity, purpose and value through God's eyes.  Recently, she was able to move away from a chaotic situation into a place of her own. 


HOPE For All received her referral and assisted her in creating the perfect studio apartment. Debra's daughter lives in a group home, and she was able to have her over to visit for the first time in four years. Her daughter loved the new furnishings, and Debra is excited to have a welcoming home where they can spend time together. 

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