Our Mission


HOPE For All is a Christian ministry whose mission is to provide basic necessities (i.e. furniture, housewares, clothing and personal items) to families and individuals without sufficient economic resources. We are a public 501 (c) (3) non-profit serving residents of Anne Arundel County and parts of Baltimore City.


We only serve parts of the city along the Anne Arundel County border based on partner referrals.


We seek to bolster the dignity of disadvantaged families, without discrimination, by providing for their basic human needs. Great efforts are taken to promote responsibility, not dependency. We strive not to diminish the incentive of individuals and families to provide for themselves and find meaningful work.


HOPE For All is committed to accomplishing its mission primarily by engaging compassionate volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life, in meaningful and productive service. We seek not to compete with, but to support and work with other non-profits, churches and agencies to serve our community.


'HOPE For All "gets it" when it comes to serving the community and working together as a team. We are blessed by our relationship with HOPE."

      Mandy Memmel

      Director, Drink at the Well